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Nafco by Tarkett Plank-Style Hand Scraped Vinyl Flooring



Tarkett Hand Scraped Collection - Sierra

Tarkett Hand Scraped Collection - Sierra

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Real hand-scraped wide plank flooring looks fantastic. It's got incredible texture, and the six-inch width of the boards distinguishes it from ordinary solid hardwood floors.

The reality of plank flooring is quite different. Real plank is expensive and often difficult to obtain. Enter the modern flooring industry.

Nafco by Tarkett, a reputable flooring company dating back over 100 years, has established a line of vinyl flooring that attempts to mimic the look and feel of real hand-scraped plank flooring--without all the problems.

I viewed four styles of the Nafco by Tarkett Hand Scraped Collection: Mocha, Brandy, Barley, Sierra. As the names indicate, these are four different shades ranging from a deep, lush mocha (yes, the name is perfect) to the lightest, Sierra, a rich oak hue.

Texture is a close replica of real wood flooring. I would not say that the Nafco by Tarkett Hand Scraped Collection has quite the depth of texture as does real wood--after all, it's vinyl and it's only 1/8" thick. But the designers have done a good job of not only mimicking wood grain but the occasional errant hammer ping.

Nafco by Tarkett's product description references a "rolled edge treatment" that I could not see in my sample pieces. In fact, I could find little information about the rolled edge treatment other than in a European patent I found on-line. But I'm assuming it is what is sounds like: a smooth bevel to replicate the edges of real wood planks.

While Nafco by Tarkett's Hand Scraped Collection looks great, keep in mind that it still is vinyl flooring. It has the thin, rubbery, cold feeling of any other vinyl flooring. Even the much-maligned laminate has a better feeling underfoot (especially with bare feet!) than vinyl, in my opinion.

Still, the Nafco by Tarkett Hand Scraped Collection is a unique addition to the market, and low-cost way to buy into the look of wide plank flooring.

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