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Bruce Lock and Fold Wood Flooring

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Bruce Lock and Fold Wood Flooring

Bruce Lock and Fold Wood Flooring

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The Bottom Line

Try Bruce Lock and Fold wood flooring in a small room first, and make sure you have a dead-level absolutely perfect sub-floor or the product may give you a world of trouble.
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  • Ease of installation - real wood installed like laminate flooring
  • Nails and glue not required (some laminate requires glue)
  • Wood flooring appropriate for moist areas, even basements
  • No pattern repeat, like you find with laminate
  • Easy to obtain - purchase online or at local home improvement store


  • Thin - nothing close to 3/4" solid wood flooring.
  • Consumer complaints about "cupping"
  • Product does not "lock" as easy as Armstrong claims
  • Not sandable
  • Needs a perfect subfloor for installation - often not found in the real world


  • Real wood flooring (on top) that joins with a "locking" method.
  • Hickory, maple, and oak species available.
  • Floating floor - it is not attached to your subfloor.

Guide Review - Bruce Lock and Fold Wood Flooring

The best of both worlds? Such a cliched phrase, but Bruce (a subsidiary of Armstrong) promises this with their Lock and Fold wood flooring. Unlike engineered wood flooring or solid wood flooring, it does not install with floor nailers--best operated by professional flooring installers. Unlike laminate flooring, it is real wood on top, not a fake wood photograph.

And like engineered flooring or solid wood, it is real wood (on top). And like laminate, it locks together, simplifying installation for DIY home remodelers.

Got all that? Homeowners, though, do complain that Bruce Lock and Fold flooring must be installed over an absolutely dead-level, featureless sub-floor--or cupping and warping will happen. Also, much confusion about whether Bruce Fold & Lock should be installed parallel or perpendicular to joists, though as a floating floor, it should not matter either way.
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User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Don't use this product, Member Msherer2001

I had multiple problems with this product. First I had to clean out pieces of wood left on the product from the routing of the lock and fold lips, this was about 40% of the product. I had to discard half a box of pieces that would not conform to the other pieces. Most products you can gently tap into place if they don't snap right in, this product would not snap in or tap into place, in about 20% of the floor. It was the biggest wrestling match I have ever had installing this type of floor. Lost a lot of time using this product. I called the manufacturer and essentially they told me they do not compensate for installation losses.

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