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Basement Flooring Ideas: Luxury Vinyl Plank (Wood)
Wood Look Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Basement
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It would seem that wood-look luxury vinyl flooring is just the exact corollary to the previously-mentioned stone-look LVT. Not so.

For one reason, wood-look luxury vinyl comes in planks around 6" x 48"--a completely different look than stone-look's typical 16" x 16" squares. For another reason, it looks more like the substance it is trying to copy than stone-look LVT.


  • Thick wear layer = greater durability.
  • Overall thickness means slightly warmer floor.
  • Many wood species look amazingly like the real thing.


  • May not result in better resale value. Uninformed buyers may still see it as just "vinyl floor," thus negating your costly purchase.
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