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Professionally Designed Tile Patterns to Duplicate for Your Floors


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Brick Tile Pattern - If It's Good Enough for Walls, It's Good Enough for Floors
Tile Patterns - Brick

Tile Patterns - Brick-Work

Creed Craft LLC

Name of Tile Pattern

Brick or Brickwork


You've seen the way mortared bricks are laid for a wall? Well, this is the same thing but laid out flat and horizontal on your floor. It's a great way to depart from the usual grid-like pattern (edge to edge) without a lot of extra work.

Brickwork tile pattern also increases the stability of your flooring a bit. This is because you do not have four corners meeting up to make a cross-like shape. This helps save your grout from cracking over time.

Even though this "brick" tile pattern is simple to lay out, you do need to accurate match up the tile edges with tile middles from the neighboring row. When you miss your mark on one tile, the mistake gets multiplied all the way down your row. The way to cover for this mistake is to cheat on your grout as you go down the line by decreasing the grout width ever so slightly until you make up that distance.

Brickwork is a great tile pattern for novice tilers.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Tile Pattern


  • One of the simplest tile patterns you can install.
  • Breaks up the typical grid-like tile pattern, making it more attractive.
  • Little tile is wasted.


  • While a simple tile pattern, this still requires you to accurately match up tile edges with tile centers.

1-, 2-, 3-, or Multiple-Tile Pattern Design*

One tile pattern.

Suggested Tile Size (Inches)

12 x 12, or any size as long as it is square.

Number of Tiles Needed (Per 100 Sq. Ft.)


Difficulty of Installation (1-5**)


* = Refers to the number of differently sized tiles required for the pattern.

** = 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest.

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