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Professionally Designed Tile Patterns to Duplicate for Your Floors


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Tile Patterns for Smaller Rooms - How About Herringbone?
Tile Patterns - Herringbone

Tile Patterns - Herringbone

Ken Mason Tile

Name of Tile Pattern



Even though we can still class it in the "easy" tile patterns, herringbone may be one of the more challenging patterns to install.

The "V"-shaped repetition seems like a piece of cake at first--until you start to find yourself getting lost in the tile pattern's overall complexity.

Still, herringbone tile patterns are a solid tile design technique that you may want to consider. It works well in smaller rooms.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Tile Pattern


  • Attractive tile pattern on small scale.
  • Structural stability.


  • Can be challenging to keep your tile pattern straight as you go along.
  • May be complicated for large rooms.

1-, 2-, 3-, or Multiple-Tile Pattern Design*

One tile pattern.

Suggested Tile Size (Inches)

6 x 12

Number of Tiles Needed (Per 100 Sq. Ft.) Based on Above Size


Difficulty of Installation (1-5**)


* = Refers to the number of differently sized tiles required for the pattern.

** = 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest.

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