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Travertine Flooring Tiles in Mosaic
Travertine Flooring Tiles Mosaic

Travertine Flooring Tiles - Mosaic from Florida Tile

Florida Tile/South Cypress Floors
Travertine lends itself well to mosaic.

While there is no prescribed "official" size for mosaic tile, I tend to think of anything 1" or less as falling within that category. Travertine flooring tiles often hit the 1" mark--but rarely less (I have yet to see anything smaller on the retail market).

Compare Prices: Travertine Flooring Tiles - Mosaic

I chose this Pietra Art/Mexican series travertine tile from Florida Tile because it was so unique. Its diamond pattern, mounted on 12" x 12" mesh, stood above all other travertine mosaics I researched for this article. This would work beautifully as a travertine backsplash for a kitchen or bathroom

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