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Q: What's the best natural stone tile for a bathroom?


Question: Q: What's the best natural stone tile for a bathroom?
The reader goes on to say that she wonders if granite is always the best stone for bathrooms or if there are any other types of stone that she might consider.
Answer: The main concern with using stone in bathrooms is moisture. Even though stone is conceived under extremely high temperatures and pressure within the Earth, it is prone to being affected by moisture, either direct or indirect.

Stone in showers, bathtubs, or in bathtub surrounds needs special attention, as it needs to be sealed against moisture and maintained on a regular basis. It is inadvisable to lay smooth stone on shower pans due to safety issues caused by slipping.

Even outside of the shower, stone can be affected by indirect moisture and should be sealed on a regular basis.

Though slate produces a dark, gloomy feeling within showers, it works well in the bathroom on the floor or walls.

Marble is another popular wall tile material.

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