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Wood Parquet Floor

Why Wood Parquet Flooring Might Be Right For Your DIY Hardwood Installation


Wood Parquet Flooring

Wood Parquet Flooring - 12" x 12" Oak Honey, Urethane Finish

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Spend time in a wood flooring retailer and up front you'll find the perennial favorites: the 3.5" hardwood strip flooring, the oaks, cherries, bamboos, birches, beech, and so on. Somewhere in back, wood parquet floor will be hiding.

Wood parquet flooring deserves much more attention than it gets. It looks great, it's an easy install, and it adds instant class to a room.

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Wood Parquet Floor At a Glance

  • The only solid hardwood flooring that installs as easy as tile.
  • Glue-down installation--no nailing required.
  • Multi-piece construction lends to rich, 3D appearance.
  • Parquet flooring is much thinner than solid or engineered flooring.
  • Due to the thinness, you're not getting much structural value.
  • Install above-grade.

Wood Parquet Floor: Its Reputation Precedes It?

Wood parquet flooring has enjoyed a high-toned past, going back as far as three centuries. Tour European mansions and chateaux, and fine wood parquetry will no doubt grace the soles of your tired tourist's feet.

And wood parquet floor lends itself perfectly to complex patterning. Skilled artisans can achieve a lustrous, three-dimensional look.

The Wood Floor That Installs Like Tile

Wood parquet flooring enjoys one distinction that no other solid wood flooring can claim: simple, glue-down installation and manageable tile sizes.

While you will find plenty of varieties of floating, self-stick, and glue-down laminate flooring, if you are intent on installing real hardwood with the convenience of glue-down installation, parquet flooring is your answer.

No hammering or nailing is required. And because wood parquet typically comes in 12" x 12" tiles, at about 30 lbs. per box, it is easy to handle. Solid hardwood can tax your miter saw, and your arm strength. At around 7-10 mm thick, wood parquet flooring is a slick and easy cut.

Be Aware...

Wood parquet flooring's aristocratic past is ironic, considering that parquetry is one way to make good use of small wood scraps that are otherwise too small for flooring.

The multiplicity of wood "puzzle pieces" means that wood grain runs in both directions, perpendicular to each other. This gives wood parquet its attractive appearance, but it also means that floor sanding needs to be approached very gently. Sanding needs to be consistent with the grain of the wood, difficult when the grain is running in many different directions.

Wood parquet's thinness means that you won't be doing a lot of sanding anyway.

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