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Can You Install Hardwood Floor in a Kitchen?


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Question: Can You Install Hardwood Floor in a Kitchen?
Unlike resilient flooring or tile, which can be installed practically anywhere, hardwood flooring has its certain likes and dislikes about where it wants to be installed.
Answer: Highly moist environments, such as full bathrooms (sink + toilet + bathtub + shower) or even three-quarters bathrooms (the same as before, minus the tub), are the worst places to install solid hardwood flooring.

Moisture and Your Hardwood Floor

But as we work our way down the scale of "moisture danger," kitchens tend to rate relatively well. At most, a dropped pot of spaghetti? And how often does that happen? Even spills such as this, if mopped up quickly, will have little effect on the hardwood flooring.

In short: Yes, you can install hardwood flooring in kitchens. And unlike those who wish to flout tradition (not just practicality) by installing hardwood in bathrooms, solid hardwood flooring in kitchens is a classic style.

Additional Issues

You may wish to consider the following minor points before installing solid hardwood floor in your kitchen.
  • Traffic: Kitchens are high-traffic zones. After a number of years, you will find trails almost resembling "cow paths" across the kitchen floor. No big deal, though. For minor issues such as this, solid hardwood can be lightly sanded or screened down.
  • Scratches/Dings: Drop that industrial-size can of tomatoes on your solid hardwood? A dent will occur. But again, does this happen often? Runners and throw rugs can help reduce dents and scratches.
  • Sun Bleached?: One unfortunate result of using throw rugs on hardwood is sun bleaching outside off the protected areas. If your kitchen receives strong sun and is stained dark, sun-bleaching will undoubtedly occur.
  • Seams: Prefinished solid hardwood floor is connected by the tongue-and-groove method--no impermeable, waterproof barrier in the seams between the floorboards. This is why you need to take care of spills quickly. Spills can sit for a number of minutes, but after hours they can begin to work between the floorboards. Because the floorboards are prefinished, the floor has no top layer of sealant to bridge the seams between the boards.
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