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Is Malaccan Cherry or Taun Good Flooring?


Question: Is Malaccan Cherry or Taun Good Flooring?
Have you heard of Malaccan Cherry Hardwood floors? Could you please let me know how hard they are and if they are worth giving a try.
Answer: Malaccan Cherry is just the advertising name given to an an exotic hardwood called taun.

But its name is descriptive. It does come from Malacca, a state within the Asian country of Malaysia (itself south of Thailand and Vietnam), a heavily forested area known for its excellent hardwoods for flooring. And it does have a slight natural brownish-purple color that is enhanced and reddened when finished (See "How Much Does It Cost To Refinish Hardwood Floors?"")

At a Janka rating of 1900, Taun is harder than most flooring woods--but that list includes softwoods like pine and fir. If we're just looking at the hardwoods, it falls about mid-range in hardness. To put that in perspective, it's harder than your conventional American red oak but softer than Brazilian Cherry.

So, yes, this wood is a good purchase for flooring--but not if they are pricing it similar to those very hard hardwoods like Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, or Jarrah.

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