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Heating and Cooling

How to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer.
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Free Insulation
We investigate the prospect of free insulation. Is free home insulation valid or a scam?

Cavity Insulation
Find out the basics of cavity insulation. Cavity wall insulation can save you money and is often covered by grants.

Cellulose Insulation
Do you want cellulose insulation in your attic or walls? Learn facts about cellulose insulation before making the choice.

Insulation Blower
How do you use an insulation blower? Is an insulation blower a DIY item for rent?

Blown In Insulation - Easier, Cheaper than Batt Insulation?
What are the pros and cons of blown in insulation? Is blown in insulation better than batt insulation?

Can you install blown-in insulation over an existing vapor barrier?
Can you install blown-in insulation over an existing vapor barrier?

Electric Wall Heater
Here's a quick review of the Pic-a-Watt Electric Wall Heater. Should you install the Pic-a-Watt Electric Wall Heater in your next remodel?

What is a Steam Radiator?
Learn what a steam radiator is. Find out how steam radiators are different from other types of radiators such as hot water radiators.

What is a Hot Water Radiator?
What is a hot water radiator? Find out how hot water radiators work.

How to Install Insulation in Open Walls
Once your wall is open, it's time to install insulation and lower your energy bills.

How to Install Attic Insulation
The number one way of cutting your heating and cooling costs is to install attic insulation.

Quick Tip: Wrap Caulk Tube to Slow Leakage
Here's a fast tip to help prevent slow leakage of caulk from the caulking gun.

Tips You Can Use While Renovating to Cut Heating and Cooling Bills
During your renovations, you want to implement measures to save heating and cooling bills--not after the work has already been completed.

Insulating Concrete Floors
Concrete floors are notoriously cold. Find out how to insulate them here.

EnergyStar: Programmable Thermostat
Good information from EnergyStar about programmable thermostats.

Calling in the HVAC Pros
Here's a run-down on the issues you will face when you call in the HVAC professionals.

Learn Your Types of Furnaces
Find out the three types of furnaces, single stage, two stage, and modulating.

How Much Did Your Gas Furnace Cost?
How Much Did Your Gas Furnace Cost?

Modulating Furnace
A run-down of what it's like to own a modulating gas furnace.

Furnace Problems?
Here's one very simple solution to furnace problems that eluded even the pros.

Coleman Furnace: Review of Coleman's Echelon 97.5% Furnace
Find out our assessment of the Coleman Echelon high-efficiency 97.5% furnace.

Basement Heating
Find out your basement heating options for a finished basement.

Types of Electric Baseboard Heaters
A description of your options for electric baseboard heaters--essential for basement refinishing.

How do I install air conditioner in awning window?
A reader asks about installing an AC in a window. Instead, I direct him to installing an in-wall air conditioner.

Radiator Covers
Should you use radiator covers? Herein I make a good case for radiator covers and list a few options for purchase.

Baseboard Heater Mounting Height
Reader asks if it's fine to mount a baseboard heater near a ceiling.

Furnace Stopped Working?
Furnace stopped working? Read my cautionary tale and don't do what I did.

Fiberglass Insulation on Top of Rockwool in Attic?
Can you install fiberglass insulation on rockwool in an attic?

DeLonghi Micathermic Flat Panel Radiator Heater - Review
A review of the DeLonghi Micathermic Flat Panel Radiator Heater.

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