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Insulation Blower

What are Insulation Blowers and Can Homeowners Rent One?


Insulation Blower

Insulation Blower - Intec Force/2

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An insulation blower is a specialty machine used during the blown-in insulation process. The blower forces cellulose, rock wool, or fiberglass insulation into wall cavities or attics.

The machine basically consists of a hopper (for dumping in bags of loose insulation), engine, blower, and hose.

Professional-Grade Insulation Blowers

Top-quality blowers have an enormous capacity. One insulation blower, the Heat-Seal 5500, pushes between 82 to 135 bags per hour (cellulose; fiberglass). Contractor-grade insulation blowers are true monsters: often exceeding 1,500 pounds, with dimensions of six feet by four feet.

Costs range from $13,000 to $16,000. Representative manufacturers include Meyer and Heat-Seal, Inc.

Lower-Capacity Insulation Blowers

Not all insulation blowers run over five figures in price. Intec is one manufacturer that makes more cost-effective insulation blowers--with lower capacity and volume specs, of course.

The Intec Force/2 has a 50 pound or 8 1/2 cu. ft. capacity. This model can push out over 2,000 pounds of cellulose insulation or 428 pounds of fiberglass insulation per hour.

With wheels, this Intec blower weighs about 300 pounds--just about the right size for the back of a truck.

Whereas higher capacity insulation blowers has gas powered motors, this Intec model runs off of two 20 amp household circuits.

Rent Insulation Blowers?

Yes, it is possible to rent an insulation blower.

At this time, the average going rate for a daily rental appears to be $75 to $90 per day, or $500 to $550 per week, for one of the Intec Force/2 blowers.

To purchase an Intec Force/1 will set you back about $4,100; to purchase an Intec Force/2 will cost you about $6,400.

But the question is: Why would you want to do this yourself? It is one of those remodeling projects that looks easy on the face of it, but can be a bit tricky. My recommendation is to let the pros blow in your insulation: support the local economy, and get the job done right in the process.

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