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The bones and skin of your house: foundation, roof, siding, exterior paint, gutters.

Load Bearing Wall or Not?
An exercise in which we determine if a wall is load bearing or not.

What is the Cost of Roofing Materials?
What is the relative cost of roofing materials?

Roofing Video
Roofing your own home: nobody ever said it would be fun or easy. And it certainly is no fun to pay out-the-nose for some possibly disreputable roofing company to do the work. Why not try to roof your own house? About Home Renovations has put together a multi-part roofing video to show you how it's done. Even if you don't want to roof your...

House Siding Colors
Find your house siding colors in this picture gallery.

Water in Crawl Space?
Find out how to get rid of water in the crawl space. Water under the house will be no problem if you take these steps.

Repair a Concrete Floor: Easy Steps to Make Your Driveway or Garage Look New
Want to know how to repair a concrete floor? We've got simple steps on how to repair a concrete floor.

How to Paint a Roof White
It's the topic du jour: paint roof white to save energy and money. But what's never discussed is how to do it.

Fiber Cement Siding
Find out if fiber cement siding is right for your home and how it compares to other siding choices. Fiber cement siding can be a viable alternative to vinyl siding.

HardiPlank vs Vinyl Siding: Which to Choose?
In the battle of HardiPlank vs vinyl siding, which wins? Find out if you should choose HardiPlank or vinyl.

Will my vinyl siding installer dispose of my existing siding for me?
Will my vinyl siding installer dispose of the old siding for me? What happens with vinyl siding disposal - does it get recycled?

Exterior Foundation Wall Waterproofing
Find out how to waterproof your exterior foundation wall. Exterior foundation wall waterproofing is key to ensuring a dry basement.

Overview of Materials for Masonry Work
A quick overview of materials used in masonry work. Find out material most commonly used in masonry work.

Mid Century Modern Home Failures
Failures of mid century homes you should be aware of before you begin remodeling.

Should You Install Ice Dam Protecton?
Find out how ice dams form. Do you need to get ice dam protection when the roofing company offers it to you? You may be surprised by the answer.

Roof Pitch Determines Your Choice Of Roofing Materials
Not all shingles can be used for every type of roof pitch. Learn how your roof pitch determines the type of shingles you can use.

Wall Framing 101: What is Behind Your Drywall?
Before you do any home remodeling that involves walls, you should understand a bit about wall framing. Wall frames are the core of the wall.

"We`ve got a 45 year old bungalow with minimal insulation in the attic...
How do you install insulation in an attic - with the vapor barrier up or down? Or do you even need a vapor barrier in an attic?

Will Insulation Over a Can or Recessed Light Cause a Fire?
Can you lay insulation over can or recessed lights? Will can / recessed lights cause a fire if in contact with insulation?

Not Ready for Whole-House Insulation? Start with Attic Insulation...
Insulating the attic should be your first thing to do if you're reluctant to take on a whole-house insulation project.

Can You Lay Steel Roofing Over Composite Asphalt Shingles?
Can you lay steel roofing over existing asphalt composite shingles? Metal or steel roof can be installed over composite with the addition of a framework.

Jacking Up Your House By Yourself: A Cautionary Tale
It's your not already convinced that jacking up your house by yourself is a bad idea, read this cautionary tale about the woes of DIY house jacking.

How to Straighten Out a Warped or Bowed Stud
It's quite easy to straighten out bowed or warped studs in non-load bearing walls to help them accept drywall.

What Is a Roofing or Siding Square?
What do roofers and siding installers mean when they say "square?" A roofing square and a siding square are the same thing: a unit of measurement.

"My foundation is sinking and tilting. Can slab jacking help?"
What is slab jacking? Learn how slab jacking might be a foundation repair method that will help level and stabilize your house.

HardiPlank Siding: Is it Worth the High Cost?
Is HardiPlank right for your home? Find out if the higher costs associated with HardiPlank are worth it.

How Do I Repoint My Brick Mortar? Do I Even Want to Do This?
Learn whether you want to take on the task of repointing your brick mortar. For cracked mortar, the only solution is to repoint it.

Roofing Materials Basics
Asphalt, asphalt composition, shake, rubber, metal - what type of roofing material is best, cheapest, and lasts longest? Learn about roof materials here.

Roof Replacement - What to Know
Your roof is your "umbrella" against everything the world dishes out to you. It also protects your valuable inside home repairs. Replace your roof, and keep the rest of your house intact.

What is an Open Floor Plan?
A definition, and short history of, the open floor plan house.

Removing Load Bearing Walls
Removing load bearing walls is serious business. Consider all the factors before undertaking this important step.

Removing Interior Non Load Bearing Walls
Look at structural issues first before removing any interior walls - whether you believe those walls bear loads or not.

Roofing with Asphalt Shingles
What are the basics of laying down a roof with asphalt shingles?

How to Replace a Wood Shingle
Replacing a damaged or missing wooden roof shingle can allow you to avoid leaks and resulting water damage as well as help prolong the lifespan of a roof that is becoming compromised by age.

Insulating Paint
Insulating paint claims to provide climate insulating properties without the fuss and cost of conventional insulation. What is this stuff?

Simple Tips: Use Ground Plastic to Prevent Moisture in Crawlspace
Preventing moisture--and thus, invasive mold--in your crawlspace is very easy to do with the application of ground plastic.

Hiring a Fence Company to Install a Fence
If you've ever had the pleasure of installing fencing, you'll find that it's kind of nice to have a fence company install your fence. Here's what to expect.

Avoiding Utilities in Yard Not Always So Easy
It's not always easy to miss utility lines--electric, water, sewer--when working on one's yard.

Prevent Rodents and Birds from Entering Attic and House
It's said that rodents can fit through a hole the size of a nickel. Obviously, they'll be able to fit through unprotected ventilation holes in your eaves. Here's a quick, simple, cheap way to keep rodents and birds out of your attic.

Q: I Have Cement Asbestos Siding. Should I Worry?
You own a house built before 1950 and it has cement asbestos siding. What should you do with this potentially dangerous siding product?

Install Metal Roofing
Install metal roofing? You may have seen this in architectural magazines, but how about on your house?

Should You Install Fiber-Cement Siding on Your House?
Fiber-cement siding is a great alternative to vinyl siding for many homeowners.

Facts About Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding seems to be everywhere. Learn why.

Roof Shingling
Discover how roof shingling is done, either before your DIY roof shingling job or hiring a pro.

Slate Roofs
Do you want a slate roof? Find out the basics of slate roof tile before jumping into this momentous decision.

Insulation in Walls -
Insulation in Walls -

Can You Install Metal Roofing on Shingles?
Is it possible to install metal roofing over shingles without tearing off those shingles?

House Siding Options: Picture Gallery and Review
Find out your house siding options in this picture guide: vinyl, plywood, aluminum, and more.

Termite Control Methods
Learn a few unexpected termite "triggers" that can bring termites into your house.

Is Crawlspace Ventilation Required?
Q: Is Crawlspace ventilation required?

Survey of Best Roofing Materials
What are the best roofing materials that will last the longest? Our answers might surprise you.

Why (or Not) to Install Rolled Roofing
Homeowners often wonder why or even if they should install rolled roofing. We give a few answers here.

Types of Roofing Materials
A list of common roofing materials available for your home.

What are the best shed roofing materials?
What are the best shed roofing materials?

The Basics of Standing Seam Metal Roofs
The hottest, newest roofing material is called the standing seam metal roof. Is it right for your house?

Remove Moss on Roof
A quick primer on how to remove moss on a roof, using dry and liquid applications.

Opening a Load-Bearing Wall
How to open a load-bearing wall when the wall is fairly short.

Foam Sheathing
What do you need to know about foam sheathing for your house's exterior?

Neutra and Modern House Numbers
You see Neutra font house numbers a lot now. Where can you buy them? Do you even want them?

Install Cedar Siding Over Vinyl, Brick, Wood, and Other Materials
Which materials can you install cedar siding over?

How Much Does Siding Cost?
Find out how much siding costs without the necessity of speaking to anyone! Here's an online siding calculator that may help you figure out siding costs.

Exterior House Paint Colors
Get great exterior house paint colors. We've got exterior house paint color ideas that you can duplicate for your own home.

Exterior Home Finishes

What is painting season for a house exterior?
Find out the answer to "What is painting season for a house exterior?" A: Much later than you might think, and for often-surprising reasons.

House Paint Ideas for Exterior
Our pictorial guide of house paint ideas for exterior--using paint from major paint companies--can help spark ideas of your own.

Stairway Code for Handrails and Guards
IRC stairway code pertaining to handrails and guards for stairs and landings.

Staircase and Balcony Railing Kits
Rundown of the staircase and balcony railing kits out there.

Venting a Metal Roof
Why are the vents on a newly-made metal roof blocked? Should they be open?

Ledgestone Ideas
Ledgestone veneer is usually dry-stacked and used inside for fireplaces or outside for cladding. See a ledgestone photo gallery.

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