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Exterior Paint Color Schemes


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Exterior Paint Color Schemes: The Basics
Exterior Paint - Earthen and Foresty Colors
Exterior paint schemes typically involve three or four colors: wall (also called field); trim (fascia, eaves, posts, window casing, corner boards, etc.); door (most any door can be painted, even metal doors); and accents (also doors, shutters, etc.).

Here we offer you a basic set of exterior paint schemes and themes built with Sherwin-Williams paint.

Twin Peaks Forest Cabin

An woodsy exterior scheme for the Twin Peaks in all of us.
  1. Wall: SW41 Dard* Hunter Green
  2. Trim: SW6390 Bosc Pear
  3. Door: SW6863 Lusty Red
* = I nearly corrected Sherwin-Williams' "mistake" until I found out that "Dard Hunter Green" was not "Dark Hunter Green." Dard Hunter was a print-maker instrumental in the Arts & Crafts movement--which fits perfectly with this type of green.
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