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House Paint Ideas for Exterior


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House Paint Ideas For Exterior: Green Neutrals Light
House Paint Ideas For Exterior
Copyright Valspar
These house paint ideas for the exterior all use a Craftsman-style house as the "canvas." Craftsman is a popular house style and allows for wide expanses of paint coverage, but with some trim work.

We are covering 3 sub-families of green: neutral, medium, and bright. Within each sub-family, we will identify 3 color sub-groupings: light, medium, and dark.

This exterior paint scheme, featured above, is light and cheerful, due to the Irish Paddock field color and the high contrast of the Du Jour trim.

Exterior Paint Colors

All colors are from Valspar (see link below). Field color is the first one listed.

  • Irish Paddock.
  • Du Jour.
  • Pale Pastures.
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