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Insulation in Walls?


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Insulation in Walls? Three Simple Ways to Find Out.
Insulation in Walls?
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It's a question that can drive homeowners to the edge of insanity when extreme cold or hot weather roll around: "The AC/furnace is pumping like crazy. I have decent windows. I have weatherstripping. Where is all of my cool/warm air going? Do I even have insulation in the walls?"

Unless you bought the house new, built it yourself, or remodeled it yourself, this is a completely valid question.

For instance, if you plan to remodel your kitchen, you want to know in advance if you will have to gut to the studs and install insulation (or blow in insulation). There are millions of ways to find out if you have insulation.

You just need to gain access through any small hole in an interior wall. Sometimes you can slip around the sides of existing holes (heating vents, removable electrical receptacles, etc.) or by looking for tell-tale entry points in either the attic or basement.

Another simple way? Set up a time with an insulation company. They will poke around and graciously let you know if you have insulation, what kind, and how much.

But if you want to quickly get to the heart of the matter, grab the following tools:

  • Hole saw.
  • Flat pry bar.
  • Brad gun.
  • Inspection scope (optional).
  • Stud finder.
  • Hammer.

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