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Roofing Video

Free Multi-Part Series of Roofing Videos


Roofing your own home:  nobody ever said it would be fun or easy.  And it certainly is no fun to pay out-the-nose for some possibly disreputable roofing company to do the work.  Why not try to roof your own house?

About Home Renovations has put together a multi-part roofing video to show you how it's done.  Even if you don't want to roof your own house, you will want to watch this video so you know what those roofers will be doing to your house.

1. How to Prepare to Roof a House

Prepare to Roof House
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If this video seems over-cautionary, it's not. Roofing your own house is a big deal: if you start this job and find yourself underwater, you have little recourse except to beg a roofer to help you.

Learn about safety lines and harnesses, weather considerations, city permits, roll-off dumpsters, and the question of where to buy roofing shingles without going broke.

2. How to Remove Roof Shingles

Tearing Off Roof Shingles
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Removing roofing shingles looks like pure grunt-work: jump on the roof and have at it with a shingle scraper or fork.

Not so fast there. Removing shingles involves procedure, sheathing, gutters, utility lines, and much more than sheer ripping fury. Learn how.

3. How to Install Roof Shingles

Shingle Your Own House
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If you thought removing shingles was all about procedure, just wait until installation.  Sure, installing roof shingles is about materials such as the proper weight tar paper, safety, and special tools like tin snips and nail-guns.  But get the shingling procedure wrong, and it will all be wrong--terribly wrong. That's why this video covers the issues of starter shingles, how to begin, how to make sure your shingles are keeping straight, staggering, and yes, finishing off.

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