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Q: "Costco Cabinets By All Wood Cabinetry... Got Any More Information?"


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Question: Q: "Costco Cabinets By All Wood Cabinetry... Got Any More Information?"
Yes, you can buy kitchen and bathroom cabinets from Costco, due to a special arrangement between Costco and the cabinet supplier, All Wood Cabinetry.

Q: "Where do Costco's kitchen and bathroom cabinets really come from?"

A: Costco has an arrangement with a Florida-based company called All Wood Cabinetry, Inc. to provide discounts for Costco members.

"Are All Wood Cabinetry's cabinets really all wood?"

Yes, but keep in mind the core of the cabinets is plywood, not solid maple or oak or other hardwood.

Q: "Does this mean sub-standard cabinets?"

No. This is common practice with bathroom and kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Lower-quality cabinet cores would be made of medium-density fiberboard, also known as particleboard. All Wood Cabinetry does state that only one cabinet line, Hamilton Arctic White, is this MDF core with wrapped thermoplastic veneer.

Q: "How much of a discount can Costco members receive on these cabinets?"

We looked at a 24" base cabinet, oak veneer, as a point of comparison to other brands. This cabinet is both 24" wide and the standard 24" deep and 34 1/2" high. It has one drawer on top, two doors on bottom, and works well in either bathroom or kitchen.

The stated price was $345. With Costco membership, you shave off $138 for a total of $207.

At the time of this writing, Lowe's was offering an oak 24" base cabinet, one drawer and one door, for around $50 less. But the material was MDF.

The Home Depot also offered a similar oak cabinet for around the same price as the Costco/AWC cabinet. But again: MDF construction.

Other solid-wood offerings nearer to the construction of the Costco/All Wood Cabinetry (AWC) run around the same price as Costco/AWC's or slightly higher.

Q: "So, deal or not?"

It is a decent price. Costco/AWC was also throwing in soft door closes and drawer extensions for free as a part of the promotion. These aren't a huge deal (and if you're buying kitchen cabinets from a local retailer, you bet they will throw these in as an incentive) but nice to have.

Q: "Does this include installation?"

No for any of the above. And you cannot accept delivery from your Costco store. Curbside delivery only.

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