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IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Deciphered


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IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Prices
Prices of IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Relative Prices of IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

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Base kitchen cabinet prices (August 2011) are listed below. Standard of measurement for all cabinets is the 15" wide base cabinet, article 598.130.54.

Even though prices and product lines will change over time, you can see trends. First, the more particleboard in the construction, the cheaper. Second, wood veneer drives up the price. However, there are foil-faced cabinets such as Abstrakt that employ a special kind of foil, thus bringing the price up.

From the cheapest to the most expensive:

  1. Härlig: $51
  2. Nexus: $75
  3. Ståt*: $81.25
  4. Ädel (off-white) $82
  5. Rubrik - Light Turquoise: $82
  6. Rubrik - White/Aluminum: $82
  7. Ädel (all wood veneers): $89
  8. Lidi: $91
  9. Ramsjö: $107
  10. Rubrik - Stainless Steel*: $133.75
  11. Abstrakt (all colors same price): $135
* Not available in 15" size, but price has been proportionally adjusted to allow comparison with the other 15" products.

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