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New Kitchen Cabinets


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New Kitchen Cabinets: Finish Color
cabinet wood colors
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Your new kitchen cabinets' finish color is the first thing that will stand out in your remodeled kitchen. At first glance, an all-white thermofoil kitchen feels markedly different from cabinets with a very dark espresso color.

Cabinet Finish Colors and Wood

It is important to note that finish color and wood selection are sometimes (and erroneously) used interchangeably. For example, "cherry" is sometimes used to describe the color of a certain type of kitchen cabinet. Cherry is actually the type of wood, and we will discuss this more later.

To confuse matters more, wood stains take on different colors when applied to different types of woods. So, it's necessary to look at wood types and stains in conjunction with each other, similar to the Keidel Cabinet Wood Finish chart above (see link below for the Keidel site).

What Finish Color Really?

Unfortunately, it is pointless to offer new kitchen cabinet finish colors because, like paint colors, these are subject to the whim and creativity of the manufacturers. Calling a finish color "Toffee" or "Autumn Blush" gives only the faintest impression of the color itself; it's more of a marketing device.

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