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Directory of 16 RTA Kitchen Cabinet Companies

Manufacturers and Major Retailers of Ready to Assemble Cabinets


11. KitchenCabinetDiscounts.com

Kitchen Cabinet Discounts

This RTA cabinet supplier, despite its antiquated, clunky website, has some of the most honest information about RTA that I've found on the Web. Real gems of information to be found here.  Also they "get" that plywood is superior to particleboard construction. 

  • Sample Price.  36" Base Unit, Double Doors and Double Drawers = $354.
  • Sample Shipping For This Item.  No quote given.
  • Can Order Online?  No.  Must mail or fax in an order form.
  • Ship To Home?  Yes.  
  • Sales Taxes Charged?  No.  Sales taxes covered for you (in PA) or not withheld (all other states).

12. RTA Cabinet Store

RTA Cabinet Store
(c) RTA Cabinet Store

A major RTA cabinet supplier. Excellent interface with big, bold photos of cabinets. Provides an online planner that produces a spec sheet for manual ordering. Downside: spec sheet does not tie into the shopping cart. This means you need to transfer spec sheet items manually to the cart.

  • Sample Price.  36" Brazilian Cherry Shaker Bamboo Double Door Base Cabinet = $384.89.
  • Sample Shipping For This Item.  $191.46
  • Can Order Online?  Yes.
  • Ship To Home?  Yes.

13. RTA Cabinets Unlimited

RTA Cabinets Unlimited
©2012 Custom Service Hardware Inc.
RTA Cabinets Unlimited is based in Wisconsin, but cabinets ship from a variety of places (Pennsylvania, Tennessee, California, etc.). So, be sure to check if distance changes your shipping cost. Not much known about cost of shipping, other than indicated below ($250 rebate for $2,999+ orders. Their paper- or PDF-based catalog get high marks; recommend that you check them out.
  • Sample Price: $1,560 for New England Shaker Series (July 2012)
  • Sample Shipping For This Item: Cost of shipping, less $250 rebate ("...if your order is over $2999 - RTA Cabinets Unlimited will cover the freight up to $250.")
  • Can Order Online? Yes.
  • Ship To Home?Yes.

14. RTA Store

RTA Store
(c) RTA Store

Massive selection of finishes and door styles. Very simple online order system.  If I were looking for RTA cabinets, I would put The RTA Store on the top of my list.

  • Sample Price.  Biscotti Café 36" Base Cabinet = $300.22
  • Sample Shipping For This Item.  $99
  • Can Order Online?  Yes.
  • Ship To Home?  Yes.

More on shipping costs:  I placed $4,000 of cabinets in a shopping cart to calculate shippng costs and was quoted $400--about 10% of the total cost.

15. Stonehenge Cabinets

Stonehenge Cabinets Logo
© Stonehenge Cabinets / Arkansas Wood Doors

Update:  Defunct?  I am not sure, but their domain is now parked.  Probably not a sign that they are open for business, huh?

When you're looking for RTA cabinets on the Web, it's hard to distinguish between companies which truly manufacture/distribute RTA cabinets and companies that just act as intermediaries in order to get a cut of the sale. Stonehenge Cabinets are made in Pottsville, Arkansas and freighted from there to your home. Downside with Stonehenge is the lack of online ordering ability. But the owner John Allan assures us: "We are very close to completing our online door program & cabinets will follow, probably in the next few months." (Nov. 2012)

  • Sample Price: Unknown. Stonehenge requires that you fax, e-mail, or phone in your request in order to get a price quote.
  • Sample Shipping For This Item: Same as above.
  • Can Order Online? No.
  • Ship To Home? Yes.

16. Kitchen Cabinet Kings

© Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Anthony Saladino has already been covered on About.com as an example of an Internet entrepreneur made-good.  But what about the actual product?  Oddly enough, I'm finding that part of the "product" for RTA companies is the site itself, since so many of these sites are practically unusable, it's a joy to find one will actually let you look at the product, see prices, and order online.  What a novel concept.  KCK expresses prices both in per-item cost and in the conventional 10'x10' format, which is helpful.

  • Sample Price: Sierra Base Cabinet 24" W x 34 1/2" H x 24" D:  $138.62.
  • Sample Shipping For This Item: $345 for the above item alone.  Orders over $3,000 free shipping if you stay within one door style.
  • Can Order Online? Yes.
  • Ship To Home? Yes.

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