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Directory of 16 RTA Kitchen Cabinet Companies

Manufacturers and Major Retailers of Ready to Assemble Cabinets


RTA--as in "ready to assemble"--kitchen cabinets aren't just a way to save money on cabinetry.  RTA is a way to get out of the sometimes-frustrating kitchen designer loop.  While designers play a valuable role, there are times when a DIY homeowner feels confident enough to plan and install cabinets.  In this case, why go through a middlemanr?  Sample prices and shipping here are as of 09/2011 and meant to show relative cost between companies.  If you're an RTA cabinet manufacturer/retailer, please contact me to join the directory.

1. All Wood Cabinets

All Wood Cabinets Logo
© All Wood Cabinets

All Wood Cabinets (AWC) is based in New Jersey, but ships its RTA cabinets throughout the U.S. Cabinets are 1/2" Grade A furniture-quality plywood with veneer.

After spending some time on AWC's site, I found that I didn't like a couple of things.  In order to create a cart (and thus estimate shipping costs) you must create an account, complete with log-in and password.  A great number of RTA sites let you estimate shipping, without going through all of that.  Alternatively, you can sign-in with a social log-in.  I tried to log in with my Google Account.  Result:  access denied.  Yet when I checked my Google settings, I see AWC listed as a site that has permission to view personal settings on my site.

  • Sample Price:
  • $400 for an angled base cabinet measuring 24"W x 34-1/2"H x 24"D in its Oasis line.
  • Sample Shipping For This Item:
  • If you order $3,000 or more of product, AWC will credit you $299 toward shipping. Greg Luc of AWC tells us that this credit covers shipping costs for most orders.
  • Can Order Online?
  • Yes
  • Ship To Home?
  • Yes

2. Cabinet Barn

Cabinet Barn Logo
(c) Cabinet Barn

In Fall 2013, Chuck Chapman's The Cabinet Barn was extensively revamped, and now the site is clean and easy to navigate.  Online ordering is smooth, though some items presently cannot be ordered online.

  • Sample Price.  36" Coffee Shaker Base cabinet = $291.73.
  • Sample Shipping For This Item.  $99.80, UPS Ground
  • Can Order Online?  Yes.
  • Ship To Home?  Yes.  

The Cabinet Barn offers free freight shipping to a business or freight terminal for orders $2,500 or more.

3. Cabinets Direct RTA

Cabinets Direct RTA logo
(c) Cabinets Direct RTA

Average selection of RTA cabinets. 

  • Sample Price.  36" Wide Sienna Rope Base cabinet = $283.96
  • Sample Shipping For This Item.  Free.  35% restocking fee if items returned.
  • Can Order Online?  Yes.
  • Ship To Home?  Yes.
  • Sales Taxes Charged?  No.  Cabinets Direct RTA does not charge sales tax, except in Illinois (even then, Illinois residents get 8.75% back to cover taxes).

Note:  even if a retailer does not charge sales taxes on Internet purchases, you are still technically required to pay them.

4. Distinctions Cabinetry

Distinctions Logo
(c) Masco
Important: Distinctions appears to be out of business, though the Masco site has not provided any information about this. I will update as I receive info.

Distinctions is owned by Masco (a conglomerate that owns tons of home improvement-related companies) and operates with The Home Depot.  And with RTA, it's always good to have a local pick-up point to save shipping costs.  Major "con" about Distinctions:  you cannot order online.

  • Sample Price.  Not known.
  • Sample Shipping For This Item.  You are responsible for shipping home.
  • Can Order Online?  No.  You must print out shopping list and take into The Home Depot.
  • Ship To Home?  No.

5. EKitchen Superstore

EKitchen logo
(c) EKitchen

Based in Cape Coral, FL, EKitchen Superstore has a reasonable, but not giant, selection of RTA cabinets.  Company site has tons of information about the cabinets--more than most other companies' sites.

  • Sample Price.  36" Ginger Shaker Double Door Base = $321.60.
  • Sample Shipping For This Item.  Free for orders over $3,000 in Continental U.S.
  • Can Order Online?  Yes.
  • Ship To Home?  Yes. 

6. Glenn Rogers, The Cabinet Broker

Cabinet Broker
(c) Cabinet Broker
Definitely one of the most bizarre RTA cabinet suppliers' websites. This Web 1.0 site appears to have been hand-coded 20 years ago. But in some strange way, this down-and-dirty site draws you in with its stark descriptions and unadorned photos. I have no idea how much anything costs (Excel spreadsheets are provided, but I did not want to download them). I have no idea how to order. Call him? Fax? E-mail? I highly recommend you check out this site.

7. Great Buy Cabinets

Great Buy Cabinets
(c) Great Buy Cabinets
This entry is pending a requested comment from the company.


(c) IKEA

While we cannot say much for IKEA's appliances or counters, IKEA's kitchen cabinets rock.  Stylish and modern, these flat-packed cabinets really are cheaper than most other cabinets.  The text-free, picture-only assembly instructions may drive you crazy, though.  Shipping costs are rock-bottom cheap:  $99 flat delivery cost for any number of cabinets ordered.

  • Sample Price.  AKURUM 36" Base Cabinet with Shelf and 2 Doors = $163.
  • Sample Shipping For This Item.  Either free (when you pick up) or arrange for delivery ($99).
  • Can Order Online?  Yes.
  • Ship To Home?  Either buy and pick up in person; purchase in store and arrange for delivery; or purchase online and have delivered.
  • Sales Taxes Charged?  Yes.

9. In Stock Kitchens

In Stock Kitchen Logo
(c) In Stock Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets only.  Offers RTA and assembled cabinets.  Company notes that shipping is "$175 + 5% of your order."

  • Sample Price.  36" Hampton Base Cabinet = $321.60.
  • Sample Shipping For This Item.  $51.80 (UPS Ground).
  • Can Order Online?  Yes.
  • Ship To Home?  Yes.  UPS Ground or Freight available.

10. Kitchen Pro

Kitchen Pro Logo
(c) Kitchen Pro
Located in Northridge, CA, Kitchen Pro has a clean, easily navigable site with highly informative "bios" of door styles that tell all. I could not find a free shipping or bulk shipping discount, though I did not request a quote from the staff (just the online quote). However, if you live in the L.A. (San Fernando Valley) area, they have an option for free customer pickup.
  • Sample Price: 36 in. Wide Double Door Base Cabinet with 1 Shelf + 2 Drawers, with Shaker Chestnut doors: $245
  • Sample Shipping For This Item: $258 for freight commercial delivery. No bulk shipping discount appears to be available.
  • Can Order Online? Yes.
  • Ship To Home?Yes.

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