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Corian vs Granite

Who is the Winner in the Solid Surface Kitchen Counter Debate?


DuPont Corian RainCloud Solid Surface Material

DuPont Corian RainCloud Solid Surface Material

Copyright/Courtesy DuPont
Corian or granite counters? It’s the age-old battle between man and nature! Well, maybe it’s not quite that, but it is a highly charged topic that has promoters and detractors on both sides.

So, if we were to pit Corian vs. granite, which would win? Let’s see.


Fabrication and installation costs need to be factored into the “Corian or Granite” question, because both countertop materials are too difficult for the average DIY homeowner to manage.

For 28.3 feet of Corian Atlantis with 5.2 feet of backsplash (same material), and a 14” x 16” double-bowl cut out, you can expect to pay in the range of $2,400 to $3,340.

For the same amount of granite at $85.00 per foot (a conservative price estimate), you can expect to pay about $2,850.

Winner: While just about equal, we will call Corian the winner in cost because we chose a fairly high grade Corian material vs. a lower-end granite price.


Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if you’re trying to match apples with apples, nothing can reach the luster and depth of real granite. Even engineered granite doesn’t have the same qualities that slab granite has.

Winner: Granite

Resaleability – Return on Investment

Granite has a high return on your investment when it comes time to sell your house. Note that slab granite—as opposed to modular or tile granite—will give back the highest amount. But Corian is no slouch, either. Of all man-made solid surface countertop materials, Corian is the one with the greatest consumer name-brand recognition.

Winner: Granite


Granite needs occasional sealing. And don’t say, “Well, mine doesn’t.” Because if you didn’t seal it, then the factory sealed it. Corian needs no sealing. Granite can crack more easily than Corian. If Corian develops any minor scratches or dents, you can buff them right out.

Winner: Corian

Ease of Installation

Both granite and Corian require expert installers. However, Corian does tend to be a more “forgiving” material that can be worked in many different ways.

Winner: Corian

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