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Any hints about finding cheap granite?


Question: Any hints about finding cheap granite?
The reader goes on to say, "We are looking for value and something that will work for resale -- nothing exotic. I have not had any experience with granite to date. (The longest piece of the counter (@ seven feet likely precludes using a remnant.)"
Answer: If you're simply looking for a granite countertop for resale, it's quite easy to lay down 12" granite tiles with epoxy--by yourself. Removing the old counter is really the hardest part. The problem is that most smart buyers recognize this as a kind of cheap "out" to the granite problem. I would even say that a man-made solid surface surface countertop is preferable to this option--but that's just me.

Somewhere between the 12" tile option and the slab granite option is to use something called modular granite. Pedra is one brand name of modular granite. These are "mini-slabs," meaning that two people can handle them. You have far fewer seams than the 12" tile option. And modular granite is conceivably a DIY job; slab granite is not a DIY job by any stretch of the imagination. See here:

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