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Kitchen Countertops - Great Ideas and Pictures


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Kitchen Countertops - Ideas and Pictures
Cambria Kitchen Countertop

Cambria Kitchen Countertop

© Cambria
Kitchen countertops are a huge decision to make, both in terms of cost and longevity of materials.

First, it's hard to get out of this project for less than a grand, regardless of the material or size. When you get custom counters installed, the installers will have a minimum that you need to meet to make the project worth their while.

Second, few homeowners are willing to pull out kitchen countertops that are only a few years old simply because they do not like the counters anymore. Disposal is expensive, replacements even more expensive. So, once the countertops are installed, be prepared to live with them awhile.

Which underscores the importance of getting your kitchen countertop choice right the first time.

In this kitchen countertop idea and picture gallery, we cover the countertop choices roughly in order of popularity. We also take a sharp view at feasibility and cost. For example, concrete counters seem like a good idea on paper, but it's hard to find good installers--much less any installers--so we have demoted concrete counters.

  1. Granite: Slab.
  2. Granite: Modular.
  3. Granite: Tile.
  4. Quartz: Zodiaq, Cambria, etc.
  5. Solid Surface: Corian, Silestone, etc.
  6. Laminate Wilsonart, Formica, etc.
  7. Ceramic Tile.
  8. Concrete
  9. Stainless Steel
  10. Soapstone.
  11. Paper composite.
  12. Recycled glass slab.
  13. Recycled glass tile.
  14. Recycled aluminum counters.
  15. Reclaimed wood counters.
  16. Zinc counters.
  17. Non-recycled glass kitchen counters.
  18. Bamboo.
  19. Slate.
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