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Granite Laminate Countertops
Granite Laminate Countertops

Granite Laminate Countertops

Granite laminate countertops? This seems like a contradiction of terms. After all, laminate counter manufacturers have long been known for producing materials with contemporary designs. As Formica notes in its history, "With the exception of Linen and Wood finish, the patterns were synthetic designs, often with a playful bent..."

In the Seventies, names like Avocado and Harvest Gold came around. But where were the stones?

It wasn't until the 1990s, when homeowners expressed an interest in the real stones--the kind that comes from quarries--that laminate counters began to imitate their earth-based counterparts.

Granite laminate countertops now look remarkably like the real thing, due to improved design and manufacturing techniques. Not only that, but granite laminate counters now have better finishes which more closely imitate granite.

Product Shown: Wilsonart Granite and Natural Stone Laminate Countertops

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