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Repair Countertop


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Repair Countertop? Alternatives to Replacement.
Repair Countertop Laminate
Countertop repair is an imperfect business. Countertop repairs are seldom invisible. But when you consider that the cost of a complete countertop replacement can run in the solid four figures--and besides, who wants to landfill a countertop because of a crack?--countertop repair is an attractive option.

Let's take a look at popular countertops--laminate, ceramic tile, granite, and solid surface--and your repair options for each. We'll start with the countertop repair for the most stubborn material of all--laminate.

Type of Countertop to Be Repaired

Laminate countertops.

Both Formica and Wilsonart are well-known brands of laminate countertops. But you're in for a difficult repair. Black & Decker's Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair sums it up perfectly, when they say, "Laminates are durable and stain resistant, but unfortunately, their surfaces are usually impossible to repair." I tend to agree.

What's the Repair?

Fill in the imperfection with a material designed especially for the purpose of repairing laminate counters. This material bonds mechanically to the laminate's substrate. The substrate is that dark, flaky-looking material below the wear layer.

Materials Used

SeamFil or similar.


  1. Clean the crack or gouge with a special solvent.
  2. Press the repair material into the crack/gouge with a smooth putty knife.
  3. Remove excess repair material with the special solvent.

How Good is the Repair?

Not good at all.

Repairing laminate countertops is the worst of all. In fact, the difficulty of laminate repairs is one of the reasons why some homeowners shy away from purchasing this type of countertop material.

Matching color is hard. Even though manufacturers like SeamFil provide color charts, this is dependent on you knowing the laminate counter's color in the first place.

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