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Repair Countertop: Granite
Repair Granite Counters

Repairing Granite Counters

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Type of Countertop to Be Repaired


What's the Repair?

Fill in with pulverized stone and buff smooth.

Materials Used

Restorer-grade granite patch kit, such as PRG, Inc.'s Chip & Fill Kit.


  1. Mix the dry stone until the correct shade is achieved.
  2. Add liquid binders to the dry stone, mix, and add a catalyst.
  3. Press the mix into the granite area in need of repair.
  4. Razor off the excess and buff down with fine-grit paper.

How Good is the Repair?

So-so. With natural slab granite counters, literally every piece of granite is different, so an exact match is impossible. With engineered granite, you'll find more consistency and thus the repairs will more closely match.

The trick is to use the restorer-grade granite repair kits, because you're mixing actual stone dust with binding agents. For DIY granite repairs, it takes patience, experience, and a good eye. But if you invested all that money in a granite countertop in the first place, can't you afford to call in a professional to make the repair?

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