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What Is Average Kitchen Size?

Kitchen Size Has Expanded--But As Much As Is Claimed?


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Average-Sized Kitchen

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Can anyone argue that average kitchen size is bigger than it was seventy years ago?

Looking at pictures of kitchens from the early to mid twentieth century, you realize that people did not hang around in kitchens as much as we do today. Food was cooked, dishes washed--but no one sat around and did homework or watched TV in the kitchen.

Cars, houses, burgers--and kitchens, too--have swelled in recent years. But how much?

Defining Average Kitchen Size

Let's look at several figures that attempt to define the average size of kitchens today:
  • 70 square feet: In 2009, the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association defined a small kitchen as being smaller than 70 square feet and a big kitchen as being larger than this.
  • 100 square feet: Given that the 10' x 10' kitchen is a standard benchmark for estimating kitchen remodel costs.
  • 175-200 square feet: A more realistic look at the 10' x 10' kitchen, to include a dining area on the side. But this also begs the question: is dining space part of the kitchen or not? Where exactly does a kitchen end?
  • 225 square feet: From a study by Pi Consulting.

Taking a Shot At Average Kitchen Size

I still place the average size of the kitchen on the low end: 100 to 200 square feet, depending on if you include dining space. Is this a small kitchen? I do not believe so. Giant, celebrity football field-sized kitchens attract all the attention in shelter magazines and remodel shows--but these skew the numbers and are still rare.

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