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Craftsman Kitchen


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Craftsman Kitchen: Artisan Tile or Tin Backsplash
artisan tile

4" Tree of Life in Antique Gold Tile from Terra Firm

© Terra Firma
Here's where you can really go wild. Okay, we'll come out and say it: Splurge.

But isn't this gorgeous tile? It's made by Terra Firm Tile, producing handmade stoneware tile since 1997.

In the Arts and Crafts movement, much emphasis was placed on fine tilemaking. So you can use hand-made artisan tile for the entire backsplash. Where the "splurge" part comes in is the fact that artisan tile costs a pretty penny. In fact, on the Terra Firma Tile site, you need a password just to view the prices.

Or if cost is an issue, you can use accent tile within less expensive field tile.

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