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Kitchen Style


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Kitchen Style: Country, French, Tuscan, or All of the Above
Kitchen Styles

Kitchen Styles

There are so many ways to approach kitchen design prior to renovation. Do you design purely with kitchen layout in mind? Do you focus just on practicality? Or do you view the design by a defining color (the popular "white kitchen" design)?

One lens through which you can view your kitchen renovation is style. Kitchen style isn't always expected to mimic the style of the rest of the house. Somehow, by virtue of costs and function, kitchens often get a "pass" when it comes to style. After all, where do you intend to buy that Victorian dishwasher or that Shaker-style fridge?

So, your kitchen remodel will give a nod toward a certain style--usually with cabinets, lighting, fixtures, flooring, and paint. Other aspects--appliances and counters--remain modern.

Often, the nomenclature can be confusing. Isn't a "Tuscan kitchen" also "European," since Tuscany is located in Europe, last we checked? What's a "Country style," since every place on earth has some sort of country or another? Kitchen styles admittedly can be fluid and fanciful, to put it lightly. It is what you make it.

Following are some popular kitchen styles that we cover in this photo/idea gallery:

  • Craftsman
  • Country
  • Shaker
  • Modern
  • European
  • Tuscan

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