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Kitchen Paint Colors You Can Easily Copy


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Kitchen Paint Colors
Valspar/Eddie Bauer Kitchen Paint Color Idea:  Farmhouse Yellow

Valspar/Eddie Bauer Kitchen Paint Color Idea: Farmhouse Yellow

Photo Courtesy of Valspar Paint; © Valspar Paint
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3 Kitchen Paint Tips and Tricks

  1. Kitchen Walls.  Don't stress. Cabinetry covers at least 50% of most kitchen wall-space, leaving the other 50% to be used for backsplashes, trim, and other non-paint areas. That leaves a smaller area than you might think that needs paint.
  2. Painting Cabinets.  Unless they are thermofoil, kitchen cabinets also are fair game for painting. Your biggest hurdle, with older kitchens, is to make sure the cabinets are adequately prepped for paint. TSP is a very cheap cleaning solution available at any hardware store that removes even the most stubborn kitchen grime.
  3. Ceiling.  Finally, don't forget the ceiling. Ceilings tend to be "forgotten territory" whenever painting happens. While strong colors on ceilings can make the room feel oppressive, you can vary the "basic white" look by going for cream, putty, or other neutral shades.
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