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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas - Simple 4"x4" White Tile
Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The Easiest (and Certainly Cheapest) Kitchen Backsplash: Four-Inch Square White Tiles with a Black Off-Set

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When you're talking kitchen backsplash ideas, it doesn't get much more simple and easy than this. You can introduce a nice crisp, clean, and traditional style to your kitchen for bargain prices with this great design.

How to Do It

Run 4"x4" white tiles four rows high along the back wall of your countertop. These 4"x4" tiles are the true workhorse of the tile world, usable in bathrooms and floors as well as kitchens (Compare Prices - 4" x 4" White Tile).

Tile Off-Set Needed

But too many of these "four by" white tiles is too much of a good thing. With no accents, you risk having a kitchen backsplash that looks like a men's locker room. Trust me, you need to add a border, off-set, or medallion. In this case, we have added a sixteen-inch offset of 1 1/4" black tiles.

With this simple kitchen backsplash design, you'll have it up in a weekend. By Sunday evening you'll already be cooking dinner and enjoying the new style!

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