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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


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Kitchen Backsplash - Harlequin Design
Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Kitchen Tile Backsplash from American Olean

Photo © of American Olean
A bold kitchen backsplash design from American Olean. The main feature of this backsplash is a pair of coordinated harlequin tiles--harlequin, meaning diamond-shaped--called Mink and Smoky Sky. Each tile is six inches vertical, three inches horizontal.

The bottom-most border is Sylvan Accent Strip Rattan, 4" x 8".

Harlequin is a lively tile pattern that requires some forethought to avoid making it feel too busy. Muted colors like the ones featured here (as opposed to stark black and white) are a good way to go about that.

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