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Can "Small Kitchen" and "Island" Ever Go Together?


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Small Kitchen Island: It's Possible, But You'll Need to Accommodate
small kitchen island home styles

Small Kitchen Island from Home Styles

© Home Styles
We've heard it all: small kitchens cannot accommodate kitchen islands. The popular notion is that you must have a mega-sized kitchen in order to fit an island. And while it certainly doesn't hurt to have a kitchen the size of a soccer field, this does not describe your average kitchen. So, what you're looking for is a small kitchen island.

What you'll find generally are mobile and other non-fixed furniture style kitchen islands, as well as a few fixed-in-place islands. Costs for small kitchen islands are substantially lower, due to the fact that fewer quantities of high-priced materials (granite, solid surface, marble, etc.) are being used. Also, most of these small kitchen islands are easy, DIY assembly projects.

Compare Prices: Edenton Kitchen Island by Home Styles

Shown here is a small kitchen island from Edenton Kitchen Island by Home Styles. At 48" long by 25" deep, this is as close to a "real kitchen island" you will get in a small kitchen.

This island can either be left unfixed on the kitchen floor, for moving to other spots at a later time, or can be fixed in place with just a few screws.

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