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Kitchen Track Lighting: "Brilliant" Solution to Your Kitchen Lighting Needs


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Your Basic Kitchen Track Lighting Kit
Kitchen Track Lighting -  MR16 Square Track Kit by Satco

Kitchen Track Lighting - MR16 Square Track Kit by Satco

©/Courtesy Satco
Before we get fancy, we need to cover your basic, off-the-shelf variety kitchen track lighting kit, and this product from Satco is the best example.

It comes with three mounting heads, a four-foot track, and all the mounting hardware. Available colors: black, white, or brushed nickel.

The important thing to note is that this is a square track lighting kit. "Elbows" are available that will shoot off more tracks in other directions--but only at 90 degree angles.

This is about as basic as it gets. Continue the product tour for fancier kitchen track lighting.

Buy Direct - MR 16 Square Tracking Lighting Kit by Satco

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