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Kitchen Renovation
  1. Backsplashes (26)
  2. Cabinets (66)
  3. Countertops (64)
  4. Designing Kitchen Remodel (42)
  5. Floors (4)
  6. Islands (8)
  7. Kitchen Remodel Contractors (4)
  8. Kitchen Remodel Inspiration - Pictures and Ideas (30)
  9. Lighting (10)
  10. Sinks (16)
  11. Small Kitchens (10)
  12. Tile and Stone (0)
  13. Tiling

How to Renovate a Kitchen
This tutorial leads you through the kitchen renovation process, from beginning to end.

Kitchen Remodel Cost
How much does a kitchen remodel cost? Can you just give us a single figure for kitchen remodeling costs? Yes, we can...

Kitchen Remodeling Labor Costs
One approach to kitchen remodeling costs--a method that cuts to the quick--is to ask yourself which labor costs are escapable or inescapable. This argument is tempered by your own remodeling skills and inclination to take on these projects. You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that it's possible to reduce your kitchen renovation bill by...

Surface-Level Kitchen Renovation
It's no shame to decline the idea of a $75,000 kitchen renovation and go for something less expensive and more of a "surface" remodel. What's involved with a surface kitchen remodel?

Cabinet Depth Refrigerators
Cabinet depth refrigerators are a boon to remodeling. Find out about counter depth refrigerators for your next remodel.

Remove Partition Wall?
Can you remove or level off a partition wall in a kitchen?

Kitchen Tune-Up Profile
About.com spoke with Kitchen Tuneup's Director of Marketing, Beth M. Schmitz, about KitchenTuneup and how their franchise system helps homeowners remodel their kitchens with a relative sense of security and consistency.

"How do I vent cooking smells from a cooktop?"
Q: "I want a cooktop built into my kitchen island, but don't know how to vent out smoke. Ideas?" A: "A downdraft cooktop is your solution..."

Install Over the Range Microwave
It's not so difficult to install an over the range microwave. Here's an easy guide to over the range microwave installation.

Above Range Microwave Installation
A condensed guide, companion to About.com video about installing an over the range microwave.

Breakfast Nooks
A collection of pictures of breakfast/dining nooks.

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