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Kitchen Design - Basic Layouts

The One-Wall Kitchen Design Layout


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One-Wall Kitchen Design

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When you decide to remodel your kitchen, you may want to entirely change its design. Often, remodeling a kitchen is not so much updating appliances, countertops, and cabinets as it is getting to the very core and essence of the kitchen. This means rethinking the plan and flow of the kitchen. Let's look at basic, tried-and-true kitchen design layouts.

The One-Wall Kitchen Design

Very basic, the one-wall kitchen design is perfect for long and narrow kitchens. It's simple and, as far as kitchen remodels go, fairly inexpensive. While it does not utilize the classic kitchen triangle, its linear design still allows for unimpeded traffic flow. Counter space is at a premium. The one-wall kitchen design is not the best design, though. It can be improved with either the corridor or L-shape kitchen design plans--provided kichen square footage is available.

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Quick Tip: Believe it or not, granite isn't the only kitchen countertop material out there. Eco-friendly countertop materials are available, including paper composite, recycled glass, and recycled aluminum.

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