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Kitchen Counter Choices - Summary


A compilation of all of your kitchen countertop options, from the most expensive (granite) to the cheapest (tile and laminate), and all other counter materials in between.

Counter Material Pros Cons
Ceramic Tile Inexpensive(as low as $5 per square foot), DIY install possible. Multitude of design choices. Tile seams interfere with food preparation. Tile viewed as "lower grade."
Laminate Laminate (Formica, Wilsonart brands, etc.) is inexpensive. Many design options. Material no longer fashionable. Cannot be installed by yourself.
Solid Surface Many designs, medium prices, scratches can be sanded out. Corian is a brand name. Never confused for materials (i.e., stone) it is trying to simulate.
Natural Stone Granite (marble is too porous). Lovely texture. Prices are dropping. Tiles, rather than slab, can be installed and are cheaper. Can crack and stain. High prices.
Stainless Steel Beautiful surface. Impervious to heat. Hard to fabricate. Expensive. Easily scratches.
Wood Attractive surface can be shaped in a myriad of ways. Difficult to keep sanitary. Hot pans will singe wood countertops.
Concrete Infinite variety of colors Trendy, expensive, porous, hard to install. Not a DIY project
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