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Learn the Basics of Corian Sinks and How They Might Work in Your Kitchen


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Left Side Drainboard Corian Sink
Corian Sink Drainboard Left

Corian Sink Drainboard Left

American Standard
With your drainboard Corian sink, you'll want to be aware that unless you specify otherwise, you will receive a right-hand side drainboard. Yet left-side drainboards are just as readily available.

Compare Prices - Corian Sink, Left Side Drainboard Style

This doesn't mean that you need to be a "leftie" to want this type of Corian sink. Even if you are a right-handed person, you may like the convenience of drying your dishes on the left side--away from the area where you like to do your cutting and cooking.

Or, you may prefer the left-side drainboard Corian sink out of practical necessity: the right side of your sink backs up to a wall or stove, or the counter simply ends too short to have a drainboard in that position.

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