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How to Install Cabinet Hardware


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Drill the Holes
Drill the Holes for Cabinet Hardware

Drill the Holes for Cabinet Hardware

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Have you heard the expression "measure twice, cut once?" Well, in this case, it is "measure twice, drill once." You won't have more than one chance to drill into your expensive kitchen cabinetry.

  • If you drilled in slightly the wrong spot (1/16" or so), it is possible to wiggle the drill bit around (or use a larger bit) to enlarge the hole. This will allow you to position the hardware in a slightly different spot when you bolt it down.
  • If you drilled in a really wrong spot, redrill a hole. With expensive solid wood cabinetry, this is possible because the better wood allows for you to drill two holes close together. But if you're dealing with less expensive particleboard, the board may crumble if you try to drill holes near each other.

Note: See also our helpful advice on installing cabinet hardware.
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