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Kitchen Design: Corridor Kitchen Layout Basics


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Corridor Style Kitchen Design -- Basic and Easy
Corridor Style Kitchen Design

Corridor Style Kitchen Design

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The best kitchen designs tend to center around functionality. The corridor-style kitchen design optimizes kitchen workflow and saves space, but it does have its limitations--as we will see.

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The corridor-style kitchen design is often one not of choice but of circumstances: you have a small space to work with. To further give the corridor-style kitchen an inferiority complex, another name applied to it is "galley style kitchen" (as in boat galley). But many homeowners also do choose the corridor-style kitchen simply because they think it best suits their needs. The corridor style kitchen:

  • Saves space.
  • Minimizes use of expensive countertops.
  • Clusters the services (water, electrical, etc.) together.
  • Promotes effective kitchen triangle design.
  • Saves you money - stock cabinets and appliances easily fit into this design.

Two Types of Corridor-Style Kitchen Designs

1. Walls on Both Sides - With this type of kitchen space, you have a tight space with walls on either side. The kitchen is essentially shoehorned into this space.
2. Kitchen Island or Peninsula - When you have a wall on one side and an open space (like a living room) on the other side. On the open side, a kitchen island or peninsula of cabinets and countertop forms a wall between the kitchen and the open space. We will illustrate a number of layouts within both types of kitchen spaces.
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