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Kitchen Design: Corridor Kitchen Layout Basics


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Kitchen Design #1: Sink, Stove, and Dishwasher on One Side, Fridge Other Side
Kitchen Design - Corridor Style, Services on One Side

Kitchen Design - Corridor Style, Services on One Side

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This corridor style kitchen design gives you the widest possible kitchen triangle, meaning that you have the farther distances to travel between sink, stove, and fridge.

This kitchen design is dependent on the fact that you are inserting the kitchen between two walls. You cannot have a kitchen island or peninsula on one side.

Isolating the refrigerator on the right side means that you need to provide an electric outlet for it. If you have two walls, there will be an electric outlet on that side, because the electrical code requires it.

Remember, the dishwasher is inserted under the counter, so rest assured that you do have countertops between the sink and stove. Even though you could switch stove and dishwasher positions, it is best to keep sink and dishwasher together because the dishwater needs access to water supply and drainage.
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