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Kitchen Design
Corridor Style Kitchen Design

Corridor Style Kitchen Design

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This is the fun part. When you design your kitchen, you get to exercise your creative muscle while your house is still clean and in one piece.

For ease of movement, plan your kitchen workflow around the classic kitchen triangle.

While you have an almost infinite range of possibilities, you may want to utilize one of the five basic kitchen design plans, such as:

How to Design Your Kitchen

  • Kitchen Design Software
    Inexpensive computer design software helps you with the difficult task of space-planning.
  • Book-Based Design Packages
    Available at bookstores, these kits have cardboard punch-outs representing cabinets and appliances. Placing punch-outs on a kitchen grid helps you realistically view your available space.
  • Kitchen Designers
    Kitchen designers at home improvement companies or at kitchen design stores typically design your kitchen free of charge. However, they will steer you to their own vendors and to their own work crews. Independent designers will have the most freedom and may give you the best product because they have less restrictions. However, they will charge you either by the hour or on a percentage basis.
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