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12mm Laminate Flooring

Is It The Thickest Laminate You Can Buy?


12mm Laminate Flooring

12mm Laminate Flooring from Artisan Floors

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In the world of laminate flooring, every little bit counts. And when we're talking millimeters, a few extra help, too. That's why many homeowners search for 12mm laminate flooring.

While 12mm laminate flooring isn't the absolute thickest laminate you can buy, it is the thickest you can reasonably find in general retail markets.

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12mm Laminate Flooring Essentials

  1. What 12mm Means: We're referring to the thickness of the planks. This is pretty thick stuff, just a touch less than a half-inch thick (0.47 inches to be exact). The 12mm laminate measurement does not include the thickness of any underlayment. Underlayment is the optional foam padding under the laminate planks. With some brands, such as Pergo Accolade, the underlayment comes pre-attached.
  2. The Reason for 12mm Laminate: Sound absorption. Because laminate flooring is so bad at absorbing both footfalls and ambient sound within a room, every little extra bit of thickness helps. It has nothing to do with wear quality, since the thickness of the wear layer on the 12mm laminate is the same as conventional thicknesses.
  3. Average Laminate Flooring Thickness: With the explosion in popularity of laminate flooring, it is hard to say what is "average" anymore. However, you can safely say that laminate flooring ranging from 8mm to 10mm might be called average.
  4. Embossing: While the thicker laminate does not have a thicker wear layer, it does allow for deeper embossing.
  5. 12mm Laminate Manufacturers: Formica, Alloc Elite, Artisan, Dream Home, Armstrong, Bruce, and most other major laminate flooring companies.
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