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What is the Best Laminate Floor Cleaner? Be Prepared For Suspect Claims...


Wilsonart Laminate Concentrated Floor Cleaner

Wilsonart Laminate Concentrated Floor Cleaner

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Question: What is the Best Laminate Floor Cleaner? Be Prepared For Suspect Claims...
Sit patient for a quick geography of laminate floors, so you'll know why certain floor cleaning methods are recommended or not. Laminate flooring typically has four layers. Starting from bottom to top: a moisture-resistant layer; a core layer (the thickest part of the flooring); the image layer (the picture of the woodgrain or stone); and finally the top, transparent "wear layer." Now, what does this have to do with finding a laminate floor cleaner? Plenty.
Answer: Because of laminate floor's cardboard-like core layer and thin "wear layer," you do not want to do any of the following:
  • Wet mop.
  • Leave standing water.
  • Wax or polish.
  • Use any kind of abrasive (or even remotely abrasive) cleaner.
  • Use soap-based cleaners.
Wow. After that, what's left? Not much. It's pretty simple and it involves removing as much dirt and debris with dry, simple, non-invasive methods such as sweeping, before working up to liquid-based cleaners, if necessary. It is possible to over-clean laminate flooring, so be careful.
  1. Sweep: Sweep with a clean, soft-bristled broom used only for indoors.
  2. Vacuum: Vacuum out-of-the-way dirt with vacuum cleaner attachments.
  3. Dry Mop: Use a dry mop and/or a clean, dry towel over a regular sponge mop. While not essential, it helps to use an electrostatic-free head like Swiffer Max (Shop Direct - Swiffer Max), especially if you're mopping in weather conditions that encourage static electricity.
  4. Damp Mop: Mop with plain water using an extremely wrung-out damp mop.
This is your cleaning procedure for most of the time.

What About Deeper Cleaning Than Just Water?

Simply add 2 to 4 oz. of ammonia to warm water, wring thoroughly, and mop. Disappointed that you didn't get to buy expensive laminate floor cleaner? Well...

What About Special Laminate Floor Cleaner>

Nearly every laminate flooring manufacturer provides laminate floor cleaner. This is not really necessary. But if you wish, you can find use Wilsonart's Laminate Floor Cleaner (Buy Direct - Wilsonart Laminate Concentrate Floor Cleaner). Don't have Wilsonart-brand laminate? Doesn't matter. They are all essentially the same, at least as far as floor cleaners are concerned.

What About Steam Mops?

Not necessary and possibly even detrimental. However, if you are judicious about dispensing moisture to the surface, our Housekeeping Guide Sarah Aguirre has a review of the Top 5 Steam Mops.
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