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Need a permit for that fence? And what did Aunt Emma mean exactly when she raised her eyebrow and asked if your front stairs are "up to code?" Legal and safety issues you definitely need to consider alongside your project.
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On the Safety of Houses: Why We Remodel
An exploration into one remodeler's motivation behind remodeling: the safety of houses.

How to Dispose of Remodeling Waste
How do you get rid of remodeling waste? We offer some tips for the difficult task for disposing of remodeling waste.

Got Any Knucklehead Remodels!!! To Share?
Share your Knucklehead Remodels!!! with the entire world. Add pictures. See submissions

Mold Remediation - Complaint and Praise
Let's hear what you have to say about mold remediation. Scam? Worthwhile? Let us know.

Home for the (Remodeling) Holidays
Frank advices about how to remodel a bathroom and bedroom for less than $1,500--from DIY Networks' own Amy Matthews.

10 Things You Must Know About Amy Matthews
Amy Matthews, hostess of many DIY Network home shows such as "Sweat Equity," stops by About Home Renovations for an interview.

Does My Contractor Need to Carry Contractor Insurance?
What kind of contractor insurance should your contractor have? Find out how much--or how little--contractors insurance will protect you.

Remove Asbestos
Homeowners, want to know how to remove asbestos? You don't necessarily have to hire a company to remove asbestos. It can be a DIY job if you're cautious enough.

Green Remodeling
Green remodeling can be good for your health (and the health of the Earth). Learn basic green remodeling steps you can take with your home renovations.

Avoiding the Con in Construction - Review of Book by Kia Ricchi
Avoiding the Con in Construction - Kia Ricchi - Review

Black and Decker's The Complete Guide to a Clutter-Free Home
Let's review Black and Decker's The Complete Guide to a Clutter-Free Home.

The Top 5 Home Renovation Trends that Should Die
Find out the top home renovation trends that should die.

Lightning-Speed Home Remodeling Projects for Guests Coming to Your Home
What are fast home remodeling projects you can take on, for guests coming to stay with you? Learn a few projects that can be completed in 4 weeks or less.

How to Renovate Your House Before Sale
How much or how little renovation do you need to do before selling your house. Renovating before sale is a highly-charged issue that requires a delicate balance.

"Why can't I get decent contractors from ServiceMagic?"
Find out what happens when you try to find a contractor through ServiceMagic. Is ServiceMagic a good way to find a contractor for home remodeling?

Keep Your Pets Safe During Home Renovation
No one ever seems to consider pets when deciding to take on a big home remodeling project. How can you keep your pets safe when remodeling your house?

The Top Easy Home Remodeling Projects that Appear Hard
Which are the top home remodeling jobs that look deceptively difficult but in reality are a piece of cake? Find out!

The 7 Lies that Home Remodeling Writers Tell
Want to learn the truth about home renovation? Find out the scoop on the non-truths and white lies that home renovation writers tell homeowners.

Home Renovation: The Fear Factor
Some home renovation trades try to infuse fear into potential customers as a selling tool. What are some of the top "fear factor" home renovation trades?

Demobag Review - A New Era for Contractor Bags?
Trash bags are useless for demolition work. Contractor bags are better. But what about Demobag?

Kera Ritter
Kera Ritter

For Sale by Owner House Renovations
You're selling your house FSBO--that is, For Sale by Owner. You anticipate nice tasty savings from cutting Realtors out of the action. It's worth it to put some of that money into some renovations to make your house sell easier.

The Process of Mold Remediation
Describing the process of mold remediation.

5 Unusual Sources of Asbestos in the Home
Asbestos is more than just insulation. Find out 5 unusual sources for asbestos in your home.

The 5 Pitfalls of Home Renovation
If you want your house renovation done right, be sure to steer clear of these pitfalls many home renovators fall into.

Unusual Springtime Home Renovation Projects
Not every Spring home renovation is an obvious one (like exterior house painting). How about sanding floors? And why is this?

Save Money on Contractor's Estimate with Sweat Equity
How to use sweat equity to save money on your home renovation.

The Value of Architectural Salvage
When restoring your old house, you're often left with a lot of spare parts--otherwise known as architectural salvage. But which architectural salvage is valuable and which is not?

How to Rent a Dumpster or Container for Home Renovation Demolition
A dumpster (otherwise known as a container or rolloff) is essential for demolition work related to home renovation. How do you go about renting one?

Demolition Tips
Demolition prior to renovating seems deceptively easy. But here are some tips to make it smoother, cleaner, and safer for you.

Be Your Own Contractor
Be your own contractor and save up to 30% of your remodeling costs? Let's look at reasons you should consider being your own contractor.

Extra Home Improvements While Walls, Floors, and Siding Are Open
Opening up walls, floors, and siding brings also opens up opportunities for extra home improvements.

Coming Home to Renovate Houses on a Mass Scale
Highly paid and highly-in-demand New York makeup artist Billy Brasfield comes home on a regular basis to Aberdeen, Mississippi to renovate houses.

How to Manage Work Crews in Your Home
Managing work crews is your house is not easy. This "how-to" gives you great pointers on how to make the process a little easier.

Remodeling Contractor Licenses
Does it matter if a remodeling contractor is licensed? Yes, but less than you may think.

Confess Your Home Remodeling Sins
Confess Your Home Remodeling Sins See submissions

Dumpster Rental Reviews
Read or write reviews of dumpster rental companies. See submissions

Sears Home Improvement
A quick look at Sears Home Improvement, otherwise known as Sears Home Services.

Stupid Home Remodeling Tricks
Readers, contribute to our Stupid Home Remodeling Tricks section!

Foundation Footings
Foundation footings and code in a nutshell.

Top 7 Built-Ins
A gallery of built-in furnishings from the Black & Decker book, The Complete Guide to Built-Ins (2nd Edition).

Bedroom Makeovers: Before and After
Before-and-after bedroom makeover photos from Candice Olson.

Free Small House Plans
A collection of free small house plans repurposed by the site Guide from copyright-free sources.

Submit a Question, Get an Answer
Get your home remodeling questions answered by About.com's Home Renovation Guide.

Marijuana Grow House - Problems and Repairs
How to fix a marijuana grow house so that it is habitable again.

Problems With Mold Even After Mold Remediation
Even after mold remediation, this reader has health problems. What's happening?

How to Drill at an Angle
Instructions on how to drill at an angle without a drill press.

Remodel Replace...Refund!

What is the Home Remodeling Bang-for-Buck-and-Effort Scale?
Find out what my Home Remodeling Bang-for-Buck-and-Effort Scale is, and how it affects your kitchen, bathroom, and other home remodeling efforts.

The Top 10 Home Remodeling Ways to Improve a Room
Find out the top 10 home remodeling ways to improve the look of a room.

The Shame of the Remodeling Industry: Review of "Building With Secondhand...

Review: Sabrina Soto Home Design
Review of homedesign by Sabrina Soto.

French Home Style
Learn how to decorate your house in the French home style.

Stone Fireplace Surrounds
A photo gallery of stone fireplace surrounds that you can build or have a mason build for you.

Sumptuous, Exotic Bedroom Ideas
Pictures and ideas for turning your bedroom into an exotic, luxurious space for sleeping, lounging, and relaxing.

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