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Demobag Review - A New Era for Contractor Bags?



Demobag - Claims to Hold Up to 100 Pounds without Tearing

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Demolition is one of the most thankless home renovation tasks around. It's hard work. It's potentially dangerous. It makes you feel like you're going backwards, instead of forwards.

And then you have to dispose of the demolition waste. Because you can't merely stuff it in your household trash pickup, you must find another way. Generally, if you are doing a complete tear-out of a room or more, I recommend a roll-off container or "Dumpster."

But for tasks smaller than that, you are posed with a quandry: how do you get it out of the house; how to store it; how to move it to the landfill or other facility?

Contractor Bags Don't Always Work

Contractor bags, available at most hardware stores, have a bigger capacity and are thicker than ordinary trash bags. But for the true home renovator, even contractor bags are not enough. They easily tear with pressure from split moldings, nails, metal, masonry, etc.

Demobag did surprise me when I first viewed a sample. And in a scene that no doubt would bring a tear to the eye of a product manufacturer, I even said, "Hmm, this is quite different." Yes, audibly. To myself. No one else in the room.

Two Main Features of Demobag

  • Demobag is big - claims to hold up to 100 pounds.
  • Demobag is made of a tough material. Think: Tyvek but much stronger. One person compared the material to that of a "grain bag."

Is Demobag Big?

I actually had to stand inside one to show myself that, yes, it did indeed come up to my chest. Forget the whole bit about 100 pounds. While Demobag can hold 100+ pounds, volume is the big issue, at least for me. Because you often find yourself stuffing contractor bags with volume-filling waste that doesn't necessarily weigh much (ripped up trim, etc.). Even if you don't fill the whole bag (and you really shouldn't), you'll want that extra material on top as a kind of "handle." Demobag's 38 gallon capacity is big enough for most jobs.

Does Demobag Resist Tears and Punctures?

My big pet peeve is trim and molding and carpet tack strips. In an informal test, Demobag's 6 mil. polywoven plastic polypropylene did resist punctures from sharp, broken lengths of quarter-round. I was able to push those nasty little nails from the tack strips through the bag - but only with considerable effort. In normal usage, I suspect that Demobag would safely contain those insidious little teeth.

In one article about Demobag, the writer describes Demobag surviving a 30 foot drop while filled with construction waste. This is quite a realistic situation because you often find yourself filling bags with drywall waste, for instance, then tossing them outside to clear your space. (The real trick here, Demobag or not, is to leave the top of the bag unknotted or loosely knotted so that air is expelled when the bag hits the ground. Otherwise, the bag will burst)

Demobag - Yes or No?

Certainly "yes" for sharp materials like glass, cable, wire, drywall, nails, pipe, broken masonry, etc. For heavy or bulky materials that aren't necessarily sharp (shrubbery, insulation, etc.), you can use Demobag, though ordinary contractor bags should suffice.

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