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Five Renovations to Make "For Sale by Home" Selling Easier


The For Sale by Owner (FSBO) movement is gathering momentum as homeowners get disillusioned with paying tens of thousands of dollars or more in Realtor fees. Anticipating big savings from cutting Realtors out of the deal, homeowners should put some of that money into renovations to make the house sell easier.

You don't want to pour big money into home renovations that you will not have a chance to enjoy. On the other hand, shoddy renovations open you up to accusations of "flipping" and will result in problems with the buyers' property inspector. Aim to achieve a balance between attractive yet cost-effective home renovations.

Even though the Web seems chock full of information about For Sale by Owner tactics, I find much of it to be empty webspam designed to piggyback on this hot craze. Piper Nichole's book "The For Sale by Owner Handbook" provided me with a breath of fresh air in this confusing maelstrom. "The For Sale by Owner Handbook" has a few contracts, but it really isn't an FSBO toolkit. It's mainly is a cool-headed advice-giving book with interviews with real people who have sold "for sale by owner."

(Buy Direct - Piper Nichole's The For Sale by Owner Handbook)

Next, let's look at the top picks for "For Sale by Owner" home renovations
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