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Home Renovation Books

A Library of Essentials


Advanced Home Wiring

Advanced Home Wiring, part of the Black & Decker series

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Renovation: A Complete Guide, by Michael Litchfield. If you get no other book, get this one. Note: get third edition or later. Buy Renovation: A Complete Guide Direct

Renovating Old Houses. By George Nash. Another classic. But, as the name makes clear, the operative term here is "old." Buy Renovating Old Houses Direct


Basic Wiring & Electrical Repairs. First book in the Black & Decker electrical series. Essential to have. Buy Basic Wiring & Electrical Repairs Direct

Advanced Home Wiring. Second book in the the Black & Decker electrical series. The Black & Decker series have excellent graphics. Buy Advanced Home Wiring Direct

The Complete Guide to Home Wiring. A Black & Decker guide that would appear to be a compilation of the two above books, but falls a few pages short. Still, it's a good overview. Buy The Complete Guide to Home Wiring Direct


Plumbing 1-2-3. The Home Depot series are a bit simplistic, but they're great for the novice plumber. Buy Plumbing 1-2-3 Direct

Advanced Plumbing. A more advanced treatment of this complex trade. Buy Advanced Plumbing Direct


Complete Trimwork and Carpentry. Essential for dealing with trim, crown molding, etc. Buy Complete Trimwork and Carpentry Direct

Ortho's All About Finish Carpentry Basics. Another good book on fine or finish carpentry. Buy Ortho's All About Finish Carpentry Basics Direct
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